4 thief half the night pull the door "" "shouted 120,000 yuan is being captured when we were massaged

The suspect recognizes the newsletter of Chutian Metropolis (Reporter Wu Changhua correspondent Xiao Ji), a car door parked on the roadside is not locked, the lattice is actually putting 120,000 cash, staying "killing Matt" hair style 4 hair The child is unexpected "Fortune", the magazine is like the soil, "enjoy life", I bought 4 latest mobile phones and travel together. Yesterday, the extreme news reporter learned from the Jiang’an police in Wuhan, and the police arrested four suspects through the night tracking. At 9 o’clock in the morning of December 3, Mr. Zhang, Jiang’an District, reported to 110: 120,000 yuan in the car was stolen. Xu Zhenyu, a police station in Xincun District, Jiang’an District, received alarm to arrive at the scene. Mr. Zhang said that the first day of driving home, stop the car on the side of the road, I forgot to lock, and if he took 120,000 yuan, he took 120,000 yuan on the back seat, and I forgot to bring it. vehicle. When I came to pick up the car in the morning, I found 120,000 yuan. The police station police launched a video investigation, taking the video recording of the case, found the thief: 4th in the morning of the 3rd, four young men who have been "killing Matt" hairstyle appeared in Erqi North Road, roadside Full of the car.

While wandering around, the four men left the door, opened the door of Mr. Zhang, stealing a bag, and immediately stopped a taxi left the scene. According to the video line, the police found the car driver through the number of taxi. The driver said that the four men were very young and yellow, and they got off at a community in the mouth. The police further investigated and visited, identifying four men’s identity information, found that they bought high-speed rail tickets to Changsha. The arrested team quickly rushed to Changsha, with the help of Changsha police, 9 o’clock that the suspect Luo Mou, Yao, in a meeting. The police quickly rushed, and the massage of Luo Mou, Yao was surprised, and he was bundled.

They explained, and the gangs, Fan lived in an electrical hotel. The police immediately rushed and captured Wan, Fan, who was playing games. The four suspects explained, they didn’t go to work, parents gave the pockets of parents at all, so I would like to pay attention to "money".

On the evening of the 2nd, when they wandered around and pulled the car, they accidentally opened a car door in Xingye Road, stealing 6 bottles of wine, did not expect it to "huge surprises" after the back – Souve Diqi North Road Opened the door of a car and found 120,000 cash on the back seat.

Suddenly "sending a fortune", they decided to "enjoy life", go to Xiamen travel together, before departure, each person bought a new high-end mobile phone, then stepped on the high-speed rail to Changsha, and then went to Xiamen, unnecessary The police in Wuhan chased it soon. At present, the police seized 4 mobile phones and have not yet squandered cash, and 4 suspects were criminally detained, and the case was still in handling.