Easy to control life’s coup

Easy to control life’s coup

“Prevention is the mainstay”, this is the strategic thinking of global disease control.

In order to protect and promote human health, it is a very important task to prevent the disease from being diagnosed.

The causes of infectious diseases and chronic non-communicable diseases are related to unhealthy lifestyles.

For example, smoking, drinking, drinking high-fat, high-sugar, high-salt foods, etc., are all bad lifestyles, leading to a range of diseases.

Presumably this is a lot of people who are very clear.

Therefore, reducing and correcting unhealthy lifestyles is the best way to prevent these diseases.

  In fact, health is influenced by many factors, and scientists have also used a formula to express the relationship between health and its influencing factors. The specific formula is as follows: health status = function (environment + health care + personal biological factors +Lifestyle) The function in the above formula refers to a specific relationship number, and the four items in parentheses are proportional to health.

Among them, environmental factors include natural environment and social environment; health care includes prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and self-care; personal biological factors include body physiology, genetic factors, etc.; lifestyle includes diet, activity, sleep, entertainment, social andNo bad habits (such as smoking, carrying alcohol, sexual disorder, drug dependence, etc.).

  From the content of the formula, some factors are beyond the control of the individual, such as environmental factors, personal biological factors.

The personal lifestyle is completely in the hands of oneself, and this factor plays a key role in the health of the spindle.

  The results of the World Health Organization study provide a substantial indication of the health factors that affect it: 60% of an individual’s health and life depends on himself, 15% is genetic, 10% causes social factors, 8% requires medical conditions, and 7% absolute climateImpact.

This fully demonstrates that the health of an individual is primarily related to the health-related choices that it makes, which strongly confirms the statement that health is inseparable from a healthy lifestyle.

  Because of this, we must remind people that we should establish the concept that “health is in your hands”, “the best doctor is yourself”, “depending on yourself, relying less on doctors” and so on.

  In fact, self-health medicine (known as the fourth medicine) is produced in this context.

It is relative to clinical medicine, preventive medicine, and rehabilitation medicine.

It does not completely eliminate the disease itself, nor is it a purely healthy part. It has considerable sociality and is a leap in the understanding of human health.

The emergence of self-health medicine is in line with the increasing trend of chronic non-communicable diseases in humans in recent years.

It uses its own medical knowledge and health care methods, relying on the simple conditions of oneself and family, community (not hospitalized), self-observation, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and other work to achieve fitness ailments, delay aging andThe purpose of prolonging life.

  All in all, whether it is prevention-oriented, lifestyle-oriented, and self-care, it is inseparable from personal subjective efforts, because 60% of health and longevity are themselves.