“How do you guarantee that what you say is true,I still have to go and take a look!”

“Your body is now on the verge of cell collapse,Need good treatment,To enter the battle,If you pass now,It will only make Lena miss,And become the hands-on help of Xuantianji,do you know!”
This sentence comes out,Xin Zhao calmed down immediately。
Although he wants to go,It doesn’t matter if you give someone a head,But if you become Lena and Monkey King because of him, they will become shackled,Then he is the sinner。
“Got it,Do your best to repair my body!”
Finished talking,Xin Zhao directly found a secluded corner,Then sit there and recover quietly!
I don’t know if it is Xin Zhao’s illusion,He always feels that the recovery this time is a bit slow,Feel a little different from normal。
‘It’s because Cheng Yaowen takes up the amount of treatment,Or they are delaying my time on purpose,Because I’m worried about my impulse,Did you give someone a head?!
Since I knew this a long time ago,Then why send someone to test me?!’
Close eyes,Xin Zhao simply didn’t think about anything,Just sit there,Then just stay。
His usual physical fitness,Facing the battle between Lena and Monkey King, they couldn’t get in,Only after opening the fairy mode,In order to worship them。
And Xin Zhao is also the first time he runs the fairy mode,The body collapsed sooner than he expected。
Maybe after running the fairy mode,The body is intact,It is such an illusion that Xin Zhao has a fairy model。