Master Qingyun sees through,Anxiously shouted to Li Haihu:“Not help yet!”

As soon as Chen Xiu came in, he blasted Ancestor Qingyun,Li Haihu is dumbfounded,In his eyes, Patriarch Qingyun is undoubtedly a godlike existence,I thought there would be one day when he was knocked down。
Li Haihu’s trick“Boundless sea”Pat Chen Xiu’s back with both palms。
“Get out!”
“Let you see what the real boundless sea is!”
Chen Xiu also greeted the sea,Li Haihu only feels like a small boat being thrown into the air by huge waves,The whole person flew out,The blood spurting out of the mouth draws an arc。
Li Haihu’s back hit the wall,The falling bricks buried him in a small pile。
1189 God of Gamblers is here
Chen Xiucai has to rush to make up a few punches to get rid of Li Haihu,Hengli burst out a figure and attacked him suddenly,But Patriarch Qingyun has stopped his injuries,Attack him。
Chen Xiu is Qingyun Sanshou to meet,The two of you came and I hit each other with hundreds of punches,Every fist collision is like a drum。
Hit againiHit together,Master Qingyun’s body can’t bear it,My skin is cracked again。
“Haha……You’re dead!”
Chen Xiu suddenly stretched out a palm,Cut out,His palm is golden,The palm of the flesh is like a sharp knife,In a few feet of space,Chen Xiu’s palm actually cut out a loud bang。
Master Qingyun only felt a flower in front of him,Chen Xiu’s palm has been slashed,The force entrained in the palm is suffocating!“Junior,There is a kind of you wait until my injury healed!”