For example, charging piles in cities are about to replace gas stations.。

When the mileage problem is solved,Only consider the economy,Most ordinary people will start to think about new energy vehicles。
New energy vehicles need to be charged once a day,With half a month or even once a month,For consumers, those are definitely two concepts。Besides,FSPT8100Basically can play a role in the field of energy storage。
The house is covered by a five kilogram battery,Basically don’t worry about temporary power outage,Can survive21KWh,If it’s not summer,It’s enough for a normal three、Used for three days。
The whole battery market will change too。
of course,More importantly,Brain Machine Society actually has a successful project!
Several undergraduates,Under the guidance of the mentor,Directly achieved a breakthrough in the battery field that the world is desperately researching。
This kind of fantasy situation actually happened。
More than just happened,And the effect is particularly scary,The new product was almost born in a crushing posture。
The previous remarks,Suddenly became a joke,Big joke。
Directly stunned a bunch of online experts and scholars。
It’s against the sky!
483 Behind,Be recognized
With Bill·Gates may not imagine the same,The on-site press is not important to Wang Yufei,The specific parameters of the battery,After those tests,Trust the inspection result report,Wang Yufei already knew。
The other side is bill·It doesn’t really matter to pretend to be in front of Gates,After all, the sudden visit to China by the former richest man in the world was not planned.,Not planned at all。
In fact, the flipped comments on the Internet are what Wang Yufei values most。