Discuss,Intelligence,And everything else,I am poor than Hu Shoulong.?

Why can he be in Chinatown?,And you can only be his dog leg。
Although Hu Shoulong is still not bad,Can be seen in him,This is clear that a bone is averaged.。
He wants to be on。
Dream http://www.minxingshiye.cn of dreaming!As a belief in Hu Shoulong,He knows a lot of secrets of each other。
But these are not enough to make him rise and upper。
He still needs an opportunity。
A real chance。
When Hu Shoulong arranged him,When Golden Dafa has a father and daughter,He finally waited for opportunities。
But have a chance,He lacks an identity。
One and big people’s dialogue。
He voted from http://www.scdxlj.cn Hu Shoulong’s old head,Tiger boss,Wang Tiger。
Looking at the golden big one who has been played on the stage,The grievances in Ashui are more and more rich。
“I have to become a big man sooner or later.,Real big person,This is just a beginning,Wang Tiger is just my pedal……”Such thoughts continue to rise in the mind。
Fantasy in the future itself has become a big man with high high,Ashui is not excited。
But just at this time,A hand hurried,Low voice in his ear,“Water brother,Tiger came。”
What!Ashui pastel hit a chill,Immediately clear,Hurry,“Where is the person??”
“Already entered the elevator,Right away。”
“Walk,Welcome to me。”
Turn around,On the face of Ashui, I immediately turned out a smile.。
Just got a few steps,Feel uncomfortable,Restore majesty。
Hu Ye has not arrived yet?,Who is I http://www.en10216.cn laughed?。
Especially I thought that Hu Shoulong is watching at the moment.,If you let the other party see yourself……Ashi suddenly uncomfortable。
Crowd through heavy crowd,Leading the hand, hurried to the elevator card。
Ashi original straight body pico bow,Frightened color on your face,Aiming with a silk。
With a sound,Elevator door open。
Out of a group of people inside。
First, it is a very intense middle-aged man.,There is no expression on the face,Walk between walking,With a breath。
“Tiger,You are coming。”
Ashui rushed forward。