Qin Feng was stunned when he saw this scene。Yang Xi didn’t say a word before,So the presence is very low,Qin Feng has forgotten that she actually followed。

to be frank,Even Liu Yang was stunned。
She has thought about what it will be like when she sees Qin Feng again。of course,There are two villains in her mind,The devil told her to embrace Qin Feng,The angel told her to give Qin Feng a big slap in the face。
But neither of these two villains expected that there would be a strange woman who would just step forward and hug her。
This hug is very warm,It can also convey the heart of the person who hugs,It’s a kind of mutual warmth that is the same as the world’s fallen people。
That Liu Yang never thought about pushing Yang Xi away。
at last,Yang Xi slowly let go after holding Liu Yang for a few seconds,Then looked at Liu Yang with those soft eyes。
The latter was stunned,“Do you know me?”
“Didn’t know before,Know now!”Yang Xi still looked at her with that look,It’s as if there is something special between the two。
What’s the situation?Qin Feng black question mark face!Could it be that,Did Yang Xi meet Liu Yang at first sight??
So exciting?I also played with lace?
Qin Feng touched his nose,Prevent your nosebleeds from bleeding。
Liu Yang looked at Yang Xi,Then he looked at Qin Feng。
“Qin Feng,This is your new girlfriend?”Liu Yang asked。