of course,He will not deliberately deceive—Nothing to cheat,The Houyi Project itself is also supported by the strongest logistics and scientific research team。

As for personal treatment,He didn’t say,No need。According to current standards,Li Ming is an elementary God of War spiritual teacher,Advanced warrior。。This strength is ranked first in the world,Even Professor Qiu doubted,It’s possible for Li Ming to be the world’s best。
Besides, the efficiency of psychic masters to kill monsters is much higher than that of ordinary warriors,If Li Ming can participate in this plan,The monster form on the mainland of China can definitely be suppressed quickly。
“Ok。。Let me think about it。”Watching General Hu’s compelling gaze,Li Ming didn’t want to agree so quickly。
“Mr. Li Ming!”Professor Qiu said seriously:“If you are worried about the situation here。。。I brought a treasure from the remains of an ancient civilization,If you use this treasure,Xiang must be able to kill the fish monster quickly!”
“Ancient civilization remains?”
Li Ming asked back,He felt that he heard an amazing word。
And not just Li Ming,General Hu’s eyes are also full of curiosity。
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Chapter XV Remains of Ancient Civilization
Seeing the two,Professor Qiu hesitated,After all, the matter of ancient civilization remains secret.,But the secret level is not very high。
But he still spoke quickly:“This ancient civilization relic is actually a very broad reference。Other countries don’t know,But since the 1980s in China,After the national strength began to recover,Some ancient civilization remains have been excavated one after another。”
“Like in the 1980s,The exquisite ancient city excavated by Professor Hu,Twenty years ago,The tomb of the first emperor excavated by Dr. Yi!Actually, the research abroad was earlier,In the nineteenth century, a group of American explorers excavated the tomb of the Egyptian Elders of India.。。”Professor Qiu shook his head。
“Among the remains of these ancient civilizations,There are some very out-of-date items。But as the research continues,We found that these are not really ancient civilization relics。Some studies in recent years have shown,These ancient civilization’s transcendent items,Is actually from some older civilizations。。。”