Lin looked back and looked at the gold coffin.,Can’t help but laugh:

“It turns out that you are you,Don’t surprising,Waiting for me to solve you,Then move the body into the body and burn it.。”
The female ghost is stimulated by the words of the forest,Anger to the limit。
Be sure,Suddenly sounded a ghost cry in sudden yard,
Chapter VIII Chapter
Female ghost is more confused,Big days,There should be no one will mess.!Is it a Zhuang Zhuang??Can’t!He recently and a corpse woman hit hot。
Or those gods are drunk,Tasting?Turning to the direction of the door。
“Man。What is the situation outside??”
Waiting at the door of the maid, panicked, pushing the door:
“Returning a grandmother。There is a grievance to play the door.,The door was removed by her.。”
“Grudge?The old mother did not grab her man。”
If you finish your eyes, you will be fixed on the forest.,How do it give up this nasty person??
“Lady?Still playing?”
“Play youi。”
Female ghosts should kill the forest,The maid standing at the door suddenly showed,A skin white hand is swearing。
The woman is not good at the ghost。
Lin rang immediately collects,That rope is replaced in the sleeve。
“Watermouth。You finally came,Don’t come back again.。”
The waterma is obviously do not believe。
In its heart,Lin rang is a high person。
Deal with a ghost,Do you still need it??Maybe there is any ghost。
“You deal with it,I opened the coffin.,Look at what treasures inside。”
The female ghost heard the forest and wanted to open the coffin.,Reward to him immediately。
Waterpieces are not vague,Almost in the event of a female ghost,Pulled to the room:
“Your enemy is me。”
Lin rang to give the girl to the watermouth very rest assured,As long as it does not put water,This level of ghost is not an opponent。
He walked around the gold coffin after a circle,Discover a gap,Force,Actually。
What is going on?,Brain。
How is it so stupid??
Of course, the gold is。
Lin longs, exhibition sleeves,《Ruyi》From the sleeves,Holding the gap,Take a little more,Put up。
The female ghost fighting outside and the waterprend saw Lin randably opened the coffin.,Angry roar:
“court death。I will kill you。”