What is the way to prevent leukemia?

What is the way to prevent leukemia?

The emergence of leukemia causes great harm to patients, and even affects the life of patients. Therefore, everyone wants to stay away from it. In order to prevent everyone from being harmed by this disease, relevant preventive measures should be taken to avoid the problem.On Lex, the following is a detailed introduction to the method of preventing leukemia. I believe it will help everyone.

1, increase air humidity infection is an important factor causing the deterioration of acute leukemia, the infected part is more related to the upper respiratory tract, to maintain the upper respiratory tract mucosa replacement.

Keep the nasal mucosa moist.

Increase air humidity and maintain home humidity at 40%.

If you have a nosebleed, sit up immediately and apply pressure to the nostrils below the bridge of the nose.

2, to maintain skin and skin is also prone to acute lung infections, so everyone should pay attention to maintain skin lesions.

3, to maintain the best edible soft-toned food and oral food, to avoid temperature, mechanical and chemical stimulation of food.

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently clean the mouth, gargle with a low-alcohol-grade mouthwash, and avoid flossing (flossing): a thin wire made of fibers such as nylon thread, silk thread or polyester thread.Cleaning teeth supplies.

), you can use Vaseline to lubricate the lips.

4, want to do a good job of prevention of acute leukemia in the daily must avoid exposure to a variety of radiation, such as: X-ray, ionizing radiation.

Kinds of substances are very harmful to the human body. If they are in contact for a long time, they will seriously damage their health.

5, reducing the exposure of chemicals such as benzene is also one of the prevention of acute leukemia.

Because these chemicals can affect the hematopoietic system in the human body, leading to thrombocytopenia, which increases the chance of disease.

Therefore, in daily life, people must try to reduce the contact of certain substances.

6, do not abuse drugs in life, when taking some immunosuppressive agents, various anti-cancer drugs or some antihypertensive drugs, be careful, do not take it without authorization, or irreplaceable or long-term use.

You must follow your doctor’s advice so as not to damage your health and cause acute leukemia.

7, normal work schedule to sleep too late, or often add night shifts, will also increase the risk of acute leukemia.

Many young people are under intense work pressure, often add night shifts, and eating too much processed meat products will increase the risk of acute leukemia.

The method of preventing leukemia is specifically higher than this, I hope everyone can understand.

Leukemia is a disease with a very high mortality rate. If you want to prevent this disease from happening to yourself, then you should take good precautions and never slack off.