Autumn skin allergies, it turns out these reasons!

4 teach you to fight allergies, easy itching!

Autumn skin allergies, it turns out these reasons!
4 teach you to fight allergies, easy itching!

Every autumn, too many people suffer from itching of the skin, especially before getting up early or sleeping at night, dressing or undressing will cause itching, and the more itching.

So why does the skin itch in the autumn?

Causes of itchy skin in autumn 1. Reactions caused by external stimuli Some small details in life may be neglected and may cause itching. This type of work and life is exposed to dust, using too alkaline soap, eating spicy spicy food, and wearing it close-fitting.Chemical fiber clothing, etc.

2, the complications of various diseases, the body’s disease is also the internal cause of skin itching, such as neurasthenia, cerebral arteriosclerosis, abnormal thyroid function, multiple jaundice, diabetes, anemia, nephritis, habitual constipation.

3, dry skin, bathing too hard, etc. due to reduced humidity, sweat, sebum secretion is also reduced, the skin’s humidity is reduced, the performance is dry skin, and dryness is more likely to cause itching.

There are people who suffer from itching due to bathing or water temperature.

4, the human body’s self-regulating reaction temperature is reduced, the human skin and subcutaneous blood vessels contract, sebaceous glands, sweat glands secretion and excretion are also reduced, air drying reduces skin moisture, the epidermis becomes thin and brittle, the body’s functional defense will be carriedWhen the climate change shows an adaptation period, it is prone to symptoms of itchy skin.

Skin itching is divided into these three types of 1 wind-heat type caused by cold fever, the virus destroys the tissue, causing itchy skin.

It can be treated with ephedra almond licorice plaster soup.

2 damp heat type like eating cold food, causing damp heat down, causing leg itching.

According to your own physique, some drugs that use heat and dampness, such as musk, radix isatidis, honeysuckle, etc., can alleviate the itching of the skin. At the same time, you must pay attention to eating less cold food.

3 occlusion type skin occlusion, resulting in no leakage of body fluid, accumulation of moisture and cause itching.

You can use the Guizhi Decoction series, such as Gegen Decoction, Qinglong Decoction, Guizhi and Huangqi Decoction to reconcile the qi and blood.

What about the itchy skin in autumn?

1, more vitamin C supplementation is an important building material to maintain young and moist skin, but to produce collagen must have vitamin C to help, while vitamin C can also cure wound healing, or enhance the defense against stress, infection and other pressure.
2, drink plenty of tea and drink plenty of water. Drinking tea in moderation every day can also help prevent itching, because the tea is rich in trace elements of manganese.

Manganese is one of the many trace elements necessary for the human body. Manganese has a significant protective effect on human skin and can enhance the body’s ability to resist dermatitis.

3, winter melon skin soaked water melon skin sweet, slightly cold, clear stomach heat, water swelling and other effects.

The dried melon skin is bathed in water and then the melon skin is applied to the itching area of the skin to relieve itching.

4, eat more beans and miscellaneous grains and other foods because the vitamin B family plays a vital role in the body’s metabolism, lack of vitamin B family caused by the metabolism of the body, affecting cell function, easily lead to skin problems such as dermatitis, hemorrhoids.

Therefore, we should eat more foods rich in vitamin B, such as wheat bran, peas, coarse rice, soybeans, and yeast, mushrooms and so on.

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