And all the descendants of the Lin family except Lin Feng have their own villa here.。

Even if it’s another industry,It’s just this private villa area of the Lin family,I’m afraid it’s worth more than tens of billions!
not to mention,As far as Lin Feng knows,Lin’s business in the provincial capital,That’s covered almost all industries。
Family properties are countless。
Thought of here,Lin Feng even more can’t understand,The three brothers Lin Yang who already have so many possessions,Why do you still worry about such a small company in Yunshi?。
Even if you count all the fortunes of Lin Feng and his family,,I’m afraid they are not as valuable as their villa!
How many of them resent themselves?!
Lin Feng who thought of here sighed involuntarily。
Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan never said a word from beginning to end,Because the two of them really don’t know,I should be at this time,Good for Lin Feng,Good for Liu Chunlan,What to say!
Persuaded Lin Feng,Then Liu Chunlan will only make more trouble。
In other words,Persuaded Liu Chunlan,Lin Feng will be even more troublesome。
Who made the two of them have completely opposite opinions??
But seeing Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan both feel more and more depressed。
Lin Yoona is also a bit unbearable。
What can I do??
Lin Yuner looked at Xiao Fan for help,at this time,It seems that the only person Lin Yuner can ask for is Xiao Fan.。
Xiao Fan felt Lin Yuner’s gaze,Also turned his head immediately。