“Be careful,”Qin Hao knocked Huang Xiaoding down。

“hiss,”Qin Hao was shot directly in the left arm。
“Brother Hao,”Huang Xiaoding just wanted to talk。
“Go,”Qin Hao pushed him away,Let him go。
“This is an order,”Qin Hao said immediately。
He is an elite member of the Firebolt Special Team,Two ranks higher than Huang Xiaoding’s reserve members。
Huang Xiaoding heard what Qin Hao said,Seeing the serious look on Qin Hao’s face。
“That line,I leave this for you,”Huang Xiaoding put his high explosive hand,mine,Give it to Qin Hao。
“Bang bang bang,”Qin Hao continued to shoot。
Saw Huang Xiaoding leave,Qin Hao has no burden。
One step straight,Then ran towards the enemy’s air defense system control room。
“Hurry up,Stop him from going,”These people are not fools,Naturally understand that he went to the air defense system control room。
“20 minutes is almost here,”Qin Hao hurried to the position of the air defense system control room。
“Nineteen eight seven……Two one。”
“Bang bang bang,”The entire airport was plunged into flames。