Life is like throwing five balls in the air

Life is like throwing five balls in the air

Life is like a game of throwing five balls in the air.

These five balls are: work, family, health, friendship, and spirit.

It is indeed an art to throw five balls in the air at the same time.

  Soon you will find that only the work is a rubber ball, and it will bounce off the ground; the other four balls are all glass, and if they fall on the ground, they will leave scars, cracks, or smash, and it is impossible torevert to original.

So we have to work hard to maintain our balance so that we can put them in our hands.

  So how do you do it?

  Don’t always compare yourself to others, so that the more you look at yourself, the less valuable you are.

Like your fingerprints, everyone in the world is unique.

  Don’t set your own goals based on what others think is important, and work hard to get what you feel is the best.

  Don’t think that the things closest to your heart are born, you can always ask for it like tap water.

Maintain them as much as you can protect your eyes.

Lose these, you will become a walking dead with only the heart and no mind.

  Don’t rush through your life so much that you forget where you are from and where you are going.

Life is not a speed race, but a journey that comes one step at a time.

  Don’t succumb to yesterday or tomorrow and let today flow away from your fingers.

Every day, only every day of the day, you will always enjoy all the days.

Life is not calculated in terms of quantity or quality.

  If you can still pay, you should not give up.

Until the moment you stop working hard, nothing really ends.

  Don’t be afraid to admit that you are not perfect. We are connected to each other by a fragile filament.

  Don’t be afraid to face risks, we are all brave in learning.

  Don’t say to yourself that it is impossible to find love and close the door forever.

The way to get love accelerated is to give, the way to lose love is to squat in your pocket like a coin. The best way to keep love is to put wings on it.

  Don’t be afraid to face risks, we are all brave in learning.
  Don’t forget: One’s greatest emotional need is to get the understanding of others.

  Don’t be afraid to learn new things.

Knowledge has no weight, it is a treasure that you can carry with you. No one will be crushed by it, and the more you are, the more healthy you are.

  Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a riddle, and today is a gift, so in English we call today the present.