Self-assess your mental health in one minute

Self-assess your mental health in one minute

Do you have complete control over your mental health?

Here psychologists explain the behavioral standards of healthy psychology in detail, and provide corresponding guidance.

General mental health indicators.

Maslow has put forward the following 11 points in the book “Principles of Metamorphic Psychology” co-authored with Mitman. You can make a preliminary judgment on your own mental health according to the situation.


Have a modest sense of security, self-esteem, and a sense of “achievement” about self and personal achievement.


Moderate self-criticism does not boast too much, nor does it blame itself too much.


In daily life, it has moderate spontaneity and sensitivity, and is not enslaved to the environment.


Maintaining good contact with the real environment can tolerate the blows of life frustrations without excessive fantasies.


Moderately accept personal needs and have the ability to meet the needs, especially not to respond to the individual’s sexual needs and satisfaction to create fear or regret.


Have self-knowledge, understand their own motivations and purposes, and be able to make appropriate estimates of their abilities; do not deny or suppress excessively the desire of individuals to violate social norms and moral standards.


Can maintain the integrity and harmony of personality, individual values can be changed according to different social standards, and can focus on their own work.

  8.Have a realistic purpose in life.

Individuals are mostly engaged in actual, possible work, and the purpose of personal life should include two ideas of self-interest and self-interest.


Have the ability to learn from experience, can adapt to the needs of the environment and change themselves.


Establish a harmonious relationship with others in the group, recognize the needs of the group, accept the group’s traditions, and control personal desires or motivations that are not tolerated by the group.


It can maintain its own personality without violating the principle of group intentions; it has individual independent opinions, the ability to judge yes, no, good, and evil, does not overly impersonate individuals, and does not excessively pursue social attention.

  Four measures to adjust the mentality to face the reality and adapt to the environment.

Whether or not to face reality is an objective criterion for normal mentality. Mental health can always maintain good contact with reality.

One is that they can use their best ability to transform the environment, so that the external reality meets their subjective desires; and when they are not capable, they can substitute the target selection or reselection methods to adapt to the actual environment.

The biggest characteristic of a person with a psychological abnormality is to be divorced from reality or evade reality.

  Make friends and be good with others.

Being willing to interact with others and building good relationships with others is a necessary condition for mental health.

Human beings are social animals. Together with the crowds, we can not only get help and information, but also let our suffering, happiness, and abilities be vented, shared, and reflected, so as to make continuous progress, maintain psychological balance, and health.

Life is beautiful, and getting along with others is good for mental health.

  Work hard and learn to relax.

The greatest meaning of work does not reach the reward of material life. From a psychological point of view, it also has two meanings for individuals: First, work can show personal value and obtain psychological satisfaction.

Whether you are doing an ordinary chore in daily life (such as writing a small article, repairing household appliances, etc.), or the long-term professional work of the military, you can get a sense of accomplishment.

Individuals need to be accepted and recognized in the group and improve their standards, and work performance is the best standard for comparison with others.
We should reasonably arrange leisure time, often change the way, or go out, or party, or visit friends, or visit exhibitions, etc., can also participate in some professional activities or social activities.
It is necessary to enrich the casual flavor, truly become a physical recovery, adjust brain power, increase knowledge, and obtain healthy functions.

  Everyone is their own psychologist.

The maintenance of mental health is mainly to overcome yourself. In addition to the treatment of mental illness, you need to rely on your own confidence and perseverance in addition to the guidance of a psychologist.

If we have knowledge about mental health and psychotherapy, we can not only care about and maintain our mental health at any time, but also modify our behavior at any time.

In this sense, everyone is their own psychiatrist.