Can hydrogen absorption anti-cancer and anti-loss? Not so simple

Although hydrogen exhibits the effect of reducing inflammatory response, inhibiting the growth of tumor growth, it can achieve a hundred diseases by hydrogen-rich water? Sadly raised absorbent hydrogen production homes to rely on it? The latest scientific rumors are now unveiling now.

At the same time, the net red and alcohol can make a thousand cups that are not drunk. Honey will not affect blood sugar, foam hot water. The roast fire can cure frostbite, and the white hair can reduce the hot health pseudo-knowledge of the carcinoma risk. . The monthly scientific rumors are jointly released by the Beijing Science and Technology Association, Beijing Municipal Party Network Network Office, Capital Internet Association, Beijing Science and Technology Support Association, and Beijing Website.

RFP 1: Net red solutions can make people thousands of cups that are not drunk: the solution of solving gods sold by some network channels is favored by many people. Propaganda said that this kind of health food that can increase the alcohol, preventing drunken health foods belongs to pure plant extraction, no side effects, can accelerate the decomposition of alcohol, reach the effect of rapid wake up and enhance alcohol. Is it really? In fact, in the clinical practice, there is currently no medicines to obtain the national drug supervision department approved by the adaptation of the medicine. And some so-called prescription hoes to solve the wine, not only does not get the effect of the solution, but may increase the burden on the liver, and even cause liver function damage, it is really no loss. The so-called alcoholics on the market is now essentially health products or food. Health foods cannot add drug components, most of which is claimed to have liver function, reduce alcohol on liver cell damage. The ingredients are typically from traditional Chinese medicine extracts, such as licorice, ginseng, puerargen, etc., and add some amino acids, such as L-cysteine, tauric acid, etc., but these The efficacy of the ingredient is not exact.

Excessive drinking, alcoholism For example, the nulloidal tongue of the hydrochloride is subjected to a tongue, the drug enters the brain, and the central inhibition caused by ethanol can be relieved. Naloxone is directly orally swallowed, and can only be used in hospital to implement intravenous injection or tongue, which is fast, and the efficacy can only last for about an hour. It should be noted that when severe drunk, the others can’t train the drunken people to take the medicine, in addition to possible to swallow without being released under the tongue, it is easier to absorb the pills to the trachea. So how do you understand this correctly? The most important solution is to promote the discharge of ethanol and alcohol in the body. On the one hand, it can supplement the liquid, drink plenty of water, dilute the concentration of ethanol and alcohol and alleviate the burden of the liver; on the other hand The effect of diuretic is promoted.

RMB: Hydrogen-resistant anti-tumor anti-aging truth: I don’t know when to start, the hydrogen production health museum quietly burst, hit the banner of the hundred diseases, whether anti-tumor, anti-aging, or improve sleep, etc. Symptom, as long as you look at a bite of hydrogen, it seems to be solved.

In fact, although in laboratory conditions, hydrogen has antioxidant properties, exhibiting a reduction in inflammatory response, inhibiting the role of tumor growth, but related clinical studies are still in progress. Whether it is scientific principle, or in actual medical applications, there are many problems and doubts that have not been unlealed in the mechanism of hydrogen. Hydrogen is not allowed to reach the lesion to the lesions such as hydrogen or drinking hydrogen-rich water. Even if there are some breakthroughs or progress in the laboratory or clinical practice, hydrogen treatment or preventing disease is still medical behavior. It is necessary to use a doctor with formal qualifications, in the hospital or medical institution, not a small shop in the street. Or your home is operated. In short, don’t trust the rumors such as hydrogenation, and do not easily try hydrogen or drink hydrogen-rich water. Rummay 3: Honey does not affect the truth of the blood sugar: someone is a natural food, most of which is fructose, the fruit sugar sugar index is low, so the diabetic patients will not raise blood sugar, you can eat.

Is this so really? In fact, the sugar sugar index of fructose is indeed lower, but its content is not a absolute advantage in honey, and honey still contains a large amount of glucose to affect blood glucose.

According to "GB14963-2011 Food Safety National Standard Honey", the total content of honey, the total content of fructose and glucose should be 60g per 100g honey, so honey itself is a relatively high sugar content, not suitable for diabetes. Patients have a lot of consumption. What’s more, fructose is more likely to cause obesity and insulin resistance, which is the onset foundation of type II diabetes. In addition, high rosum intake is also an important risk factor in hyperuricemia and gout. Therefore, there should be more than diabetes patients, gout patients and hyperuricemia should try to avoid eating food containing large amounts of fructose.

Rummina 4: Bubble hot water, the roasting can be treated with frostic and hurt the truth: after the frostbite, many patients will use some earthworm treatment, such as with snow, grilled with fire, warm water with hot water, etc. However, many methods are not established in medicine. After the affected affected area is stimulated, it may lead to stimulating allergies and infection risks, and the frostbite is large, and there is a large bag.

The frostbite refers to the whole body or topical acute frostic damage caused by the bodies to the low temperature environment, more common in the cold area.

The correct practice after the frostbite is to place the frozen position into the warm water of the human body temperature, such as a warm water or a warm towel with 37 ° C to 40 ° C for 5 to 10 minutes, but do not exceed 20 minutes. If there is conditional, you can rinse it with a sterile warm salt, afflicted limbs should be braked and raised appropriately to avoid reorganizing damage and reducing edema. In the cold winter season, the skin exposure should be more protected, and it should be wear masks, gloves, windproof, etc. when going out.

Clothing should be kept dry, and the footwear is dry, and it is found that some frostbite creams can be used first, promote local blood circulation. If the frostbite is more serious, the symptoms of blisters appear, the best way is to go to the hospital as soon as possible. Rummage 5: Raw white hair can reduce the risk of cancer risk: the research on the introduction of the network is published in 2009, which is already a study 12 years ago, not new research, is a Japanese researcher in mice. experiment. The original research is to discuss the hair whitening mechanism, and the research is not related to the incidence of cancer.

Nets represented that the hairdressing risk to reduce the risk of cancer is introduced from foreign media, and the report has misread the expert’s point of view, and it has received so ridiculous conclusions. In the report, the Interpretation of Davidfisher David Fisher, Director of the University of Harvard University. Professor Fei Hill believes that there is no change in melanin cells that have been damaged into melanocytes or as a stem cell. Although melanin can be produced, it can cause cancer. Mature melanocytes, reduces the risk of cancer.

Therefore, it is said that the risk of cancer risk is comparable to melanin stem cells to survive and become melanocytes in a stem cell, rather than the human body, rather than comparing the black hair and hair whitening people suffering from cancer risk. If the person whose hair whites say the hair is low, it is not easy to get cancer for the elderly. It is obviously ridiculous, the greater the age, the higher the risk of cancer, and the factual contradiction.