4 cold things in winter

4 cold things in winter

It’s cold in winter. Bathing your baby is also a technical task, because it’s easy to keep your baby cold if you don’t pay attention. What should you pay attention to when bathing your baby in winter?

  Do not bathe your baby for too long in winter. When bathing your child in winter, do not allow your child to soak in the water for a long time, especially for children with dry skin.

Because the foaming time is too long, the skin is prone to dehydration, which will increase the dryness of the skin. At the same time, the foaming time will make the outer stratum corneum absorb water and soften, reducing the skin’s resistance.

  Do not force the “mud mud” some parents bathe their children like “mud mud”, but rubbing the child, in fact, the stratum corneum is rubbed off, and after removing the stratum corneum, the skin loses protection and is prone to allergyAn infection has occurred, so do not give your child a bath.

  Do not use shower gel or soap every time you take a shower. Never wash your child with alkaline soap, as this will easily wash off the sebum.

For children with dry skin, even bath or soap for babies, do not use it every day, just once a week.

Places that are prone to sweating, such as a neck, thigh roots, and under the arms, can be washed with baby soap and bath every day, and rinsed elsewhere with water.

  After bathing, rub some moisturizer on the skin in winter. After bathing, give your child some moisturizer to moisturize and protect the skin.

When the skin is just dried after bathing, the skin is still longer. At this time, whether it is rubbing or oiling, the absorption is the best.

After rubbing the body lotion on your child, you can rub it more to speed up the absorption.