Qiufengqi Don’t make skin tight

Don’t make your skin taut with autumn wind

In the autumn, the air is dry, causing great damage to human skin and skin.

As the delicate skin epidermal cells can not withstand the test of autumn dryness, the moisture gradually decreases, and the skin will become more and more dry; due to the cool autumn stimulus, the skin epidermal cells begin to shrink, the epidermal cells gradually become smaller, and the skin will also becomeIt is getting tighter.

  The surface of our skin is covered with a thin film of sebum, keratinocytes and sweat, which has the effect of moisturizing the skin, and there are natural moisturizing ingredients in the stratum corneum to keep moisture.

If the moisture content in the stratum corneum drops to 10% -20% of normal, dry, rough, or even cracked skin will appear.

Dry autumn is likely to accelerate the evaporation of moisture from the external skin and lack of moisture in the stratum corneum, which makes people feel the uncomfortable feeling of a tight bandage on the skin.

For example, the skin is severely dehydrated and desquamation occurs.

  In autumn, if you want to keep your skin elastic and soft, you must give your skin extra water. The best way is to drink plenty of cold water.

Japanese beauty experts have found that cold water is actually a kind of “degassed water” with little air.

Studies have shown that when the boiled water is naturally cooled to 20-25, the gas dissolved in it is one-half less than before boiling, and the properties of water have also changed accordingly. The cohesion has increased and the molecules are closer.The water structure in biological cells is very close and has a great “affinity”.

The medical community has also discovered that cold water can make the subcutaneous skin “semi-liquid”, which makes the skin slightly soft and fit.

Cold water moles increase the hemoglobin content in the blood, which makes the skin ruddy.

People who want to drink cold water for beauty should, in principle, drink 8 large cups (500 ml per cup) per day.

  In order to eliminate the facial tension in autumn, you should also adhere to a scientific method of washing your face every day.

Before washing your face, you must wash your hands carefully before you can use your hands to remove the cosmetics on your face.

Care must be taken when washing your face. Only by thoroughly removing the skin’s cosmetics, dust and secretions can the skin be kept moist.

The best water for face washing is soft water. The soft water contains residual minerals and has a softening effect on the skin. The most ideal is to use rainwater and spring water. Cold water is also much better than cold water directly from the tap.

  You can also use a hot and humid towel to cover your face. It can dilate blood vessels, open pores, promote blood to the epidermis, relax the muscles, and replace the dust and dander on the skin epidermis.

  Facial massage can promote blood circulation and metabolism and prevent skin aging. It is most recommended in late autumn, but scientific methods must be used.

In the morning, massage should be done in a straight line from bottom to top. Because the muscles of the person are still at rest in the morning, there is no need to do a large-scale hard massage.

In the evening, the purpose of massage is to eliminate the muscle fatigue produced during the day, so you need to do curve massage along the direction of the muscles to stimulate the muscles as widely as possible.

This is called “Morning Straight”, “Nocturne”.

Moreover, it is best to massage after washing the face and drying it, so as to prevent the dust on the skin surface from being rubbed into the skin.

It is better to massage at night around 11 o’clock, because it is the time when the skin’s metabolism is most vigorous.

When you massage at night, it is advisable to feel a fever in both hips.

  In addition, you should choose appropriate protective products according to the different properties of the skin. Generally, oil-free skin care products such as milk and skin cream should be selected for normal and oily skin; oily skin care products should be selected for dry skin., Such as nutrition creams, skin care honeys.

Pay attention to balanced nutrition in the diet. It is better to eat foods rich in protein and vitamins, such as fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, poultry, lean meat, etc., eat less spicy food, avoid tobacco, alcohol, coffee, strongTea etc.