“Oh yeah!Really wonderful,Miss Wang,You are so humble, the design director of the Group,And humiliated,Just,This video will give Hao Jun,And the cooperation of Wang Jia,Never continue。”Su Sei Ming holds a mobile phone,Record video,Side。
Wang Yi listened,Suddenly scared。
Blue Xinyi,Slight surprise,This person is even more,I actually recorded video。
Wang Hao is an urgent explanation:“Su total,I,I did not do it on purpose。”She just wants to give Lan Xin one lesson。
“Not intentional,That is intentional。”Su Seiming video video,Sidewalk。
Who is not good,Woman who should be anacular to Haojiao?And it is still under the majestic。
and,Still he is responsible for the woman。
Have this video,He is not afraid that Lu Haozheng has eaten him.。
This king has never had a brain.,Talk more,She can’t help her strange temperament.。
“no,Su total,I”Wang Wei can’t find a resemblance。
Blue Xinyi saw him recorded video,Bright eyebrows,Why do he do this??
this matter,She can solve her own。
As a result,These people see that she will be more refined.。
Su Shengming looks to Lan Xin,Seeing her clothes are wine stains,He is eyebrow:“Lady,You go back to the room to change your clothes,Don’t care about this woman talking,You are the design director of the Chalk Group,Some people can’t eat grapes and say grapes,I will tell Lu’s total,Let the main processed!”
Blue Xin looked at it and didn’t know what to do.,A face of indifference,She nodded at Su Sei Ming and slowly left。
Since he wants to be a bird,She also succeeded。
Yi Tianqi,Have a lot of peace of mind。
“how?You are very worried about her?”Li Yina doesn’t know when,I have already arrived at Yi Tianqi’s side.,Laugh and ask。
Yi Tianqi smiled:“Naturally worried,This child,Be refined。”
“Yo!Our Easy,I also learned that distressed people.?”Li Yina laughed,I feel very strange in my heart.,Yi Tianqi is indifferent,In addition to doing business,I rarely manage someone else’s idleness。
“Artina,People slowly will change,This child is very hard,Do you touch her with her?,I know her ability.。”Yi Tianqi finished,Signature her to talk to the other side。
Two people leave,Su Shengming took back the eyes of the two。
He is actually very interested in Yi Tianqi knows Lin Xin.。
Looking at it, I looked at him.,His handsome face is quite a bit flavor,Laugh:“Miss Wang,Don’t look at me like this??I will shy!”
Wave people around you,In instant, some winds are messy。
The Su family in the flowery flowers will also be shy?
This is said,I am afraid that I don’t believe him.!
“you!”Wang Yu is anxious!
“Wang Wei,It’s enough!a shame,I still have to apologize to Su.。”Wang Wei’s father,Wang Yaohui’s anger rushing,Farming your daughter with horizontal eyebrows,Sorrowful。
“look at you,Lose people,Hurry up to Susong apologize!”Wang Yaohui’s face,Interrupt daughter’s words,This no brain?In the face of so many people,What dares to say something。