Chen Xiu’s two palms reached the river of blood one after another,The loud rumbling sound spread from all directions,Even the altar behind them trembled!
Patriarch Qingyun standing outside the blood river,The true energy that was bitten back shook so that blood flowed out of the mouth like running water,A face is paler than flour。
“Special,You forced me to be choked just now,Now it’s my turn!”
Chen Xiu doesn’t live in front of him and draw a circle,Suddenly a few white apertures appeared,Big circle small circle,Positive circle oblique circle,Blinking。More and more sword circles are drawn,Not too long,His whole body is hidden in countless apertures,Aperture not closed,Another regeneration,Although the long sword makes extremely fast,But I can’t hear the slightest sound of the golden blade chopping the wind,It shows that Jian Jin’s flexibility has reached the state of transformation。
“Promise Sword Array!”
The power of the Promise Sword Array is far inferior to the boundless power of the sea,But Qingyun Patriarch is more familiar with Qingyun Sanshou than Chen Xiu,If you use Qingyun Sanshou to estimate him,It is easier to be vulnerable,Chen Xiu chose his strongest trick。
This trick is entrained in the Promise Sword Array“wind”、“fire”、“mine”Three rules,The power is very different from the past。
1098 Black hole
“What’s the resistance to low-price war skills?!”
Grandmaster Qingyun said with an arrogant expression,He doesn’t put the Promise Sword Array in his eyes,Even with the blessing of the three laws of heaven and earth,Increased power several times,http://www.damingweinasi.cnBut low-cost combat skills are low-cost combat skills。
He waved the short battle in his hand and was about to face the Promise Sword Array.,Infuriating Qi flows in the body,Another spurt of blood。
Master Qingyun was taken aback:“My injury is much worse than I expected!”
His body at this time,If you don’t carry on with Chen Xiu anymore,,I’m afraid the body wasn’t cut by the sword energy of the Wuji Sword Formation first,Your own qi must be backlashed first,In shock,He doesn’t dare to block again,Instead, he displayed a wonderful body technique, Ling Bobu,Suddenly dodge between square inches。His body is really amazing to the extreme,In such a small space,He actually made all kinds of dodge actions,Just from the impossible,Hundreds of sword qi flashed through the Promise Sword Array。
Patriarch Qingyun dodged the sword qi http://www.paulight.cn but his face changed suddenly,I saw that hundreds of sword auras were all cut on the altar behind him,Shouted:“Quickly recover sword energy,The Space Teleportation Array is about to start,Once damaged by external force,Will start soon!”
“What happens when it starts?”
“Forced start,It is likely to explode during teleportation,This kind of explosion is a hundred times more powerful than an atomic bomb.,You and my flesh can’t stand the explosion!”
Chen Xiu’s face changed a lot,It’s too late to take back the sword energy,I saw sword energy slashing on the altar,Naturally, there was a huge suction force that absorbed all his sword energy,The runes on the nine iron chains connected around the altar are even more brilliant,The whole altar is also like a nuclear fusion reactor,It suddenly became bright red like lava,Hot air,It even made Chen Xiu and Qingyun Patriarch unable to hold it,The two keep backing。
“Fucking,Let you regain sword spirit,Are you still hacking!”Master Qingyun usually runs out,Usually called scolding。