Why can acupuncture cure?

Is acupuncture treatment good?

Why can acupuncture cure?
Is acupuncture treatment good?

Why can acupuncture cure?
Ancient and modern China and foreign countries have been studying and claiming a lot, but so far there is no conclusion.

The reason is mainly the current research on the adjustment of human functions, often on the role of nerve reflex, biochemical reaction and biomolecular physical movement, while the research work on acupuncture at home and abroad often stays in these ranges, failingDeep into the role of the potential function of the human body.

Through long-term research and mechanism research on acupuncture treatment, the authors found that the nerve impulses caused by acupuncture points can activate the potential functions of the human body, regulate the functions of various systems and organ tissues of the human body.Diseases and anti-aging.

This is the basic function of acupuncture.

There is no doubt that people have many functions. The ancient ancient Laozi said: People have the function of heaven and earth; the blind man also said: People can win the sky.

Modern science has also confirmed that the human body does have many functions, but only 10% of them are dominant, often applied, and 90% are potential and have not been activated.

How can the human body have so many functions?

This is because in the long process of evolution, human beings have experienced countless hardships and diseases in the three major activities of defense, seeking and continuing life. Providing the environment and surviving to produce certain abilities, these acquired evolution gradually evolved intoCongenital, some of which have become visible because they have been applied; some functions have been inherited, but they are gradually not applied due to changes in the acquired environment, which is potential.

Where the function has a set of functional devices that play its role, it is organic, compact and ingeniously combined in the human body, mainly including the central, internal organs, and the body.

The functional device of the human body contains intricate segmental pull-in, so it is also called the nerve segment function device.

In the disease, the central can establish pathological reflexes to communicate many functional devices to enhance the measures of the patients, which is also formed by the body’s adaptation to environmental survival during the evolution process.

The research results show that acupuncture is only on the meridian, according to the information of the “cutting”, and then according to the needle information, it can activate the potential function of the human body, activate its functional device, and play an effective regulatory role.

This will not only improve the curative effect, but also treat a large number of refractory diseases and terminal diseases, such as male and female sexual dysfunction, infertility and infertility, small insulin pills, naive uterus, breast hyperplasia, hydrocephalus (or with brainAtrophy)), vascular headache, neurological deafness, dwarf and so on.

Therefore, the human body function device is not a local unit of human body morphological function, but also a local unit of acupuncture “cutting” and acupuncture treatment, which is the mystery of meridian diagnosis and treatment.

Various qigong therapies, massage therapy, psychotherapy and behavioral therapy are actually potential functions to activate various treatments in the human body.

The role of acupuncture in activating the potential function, the above-mentioned rapid convergence of qigong and other therapies, high efficacy, simple and easy, no side effects, and minimal cost.

Therefore, how to further use acupuncture methods, or patients with acceptable methods similar to acupuncture, according to clinical needs, safe, full and flexible activation of human body diseases and anti-aging and other potential functions, it is worthy of in-depth study and research.

This principle has the potential to create new medicine with Chinese characteristics for the benefit of mankind.