Your child’s overeating affects brain development

Your child’s overeating affects brain development

[Guide]Experts remind: children should not eat too much, gluttony will affect brain development, thereby reducing children’s intelligence.

Gluttony reduces blood flow to the brain: if you overeat at one time or keep eating for a while, it will mobilize a large amount of blood in the body, including blood from the brain, to the perfusion channel.

A large amount of blood supply is developed, and if it is often in a contracted state, its development will be affected.

Gluttony can cause “obese brain”: if you eat too much, especially if you eat too much high-nutrition food, the conversion of ingestion will greatly exceed the transfer of consumption, so that the heat energy will be converted into an adult’s accumulation in the body.

If there are too many aunts in the brain tissue, it will cause “excess brain”.

Studies have confirmed that human intelligence is related to how much the brain sulcus folds, the more obvious the brain sulcus folds, the more wrinkles, the higher the intelligence level.

The obese brain makes the sulcus close together, the wrinkles disappear, the cerebral cortex appears smooth, and the development of the neural network is poor, so the intelligence level will decrease.

Gluttony inhibits the physiological functions of the intelligent areas of the brain: the way the human brain is active is to stimulate and inhibit mutual induction, that is, some parts of the brain are excited, and some areas of its adjacent parts are in a suppressed state. The stronger the excitement, the surrounding partsThe deeper the suppression, and vice versa.

Therefore, if the autonomic nerve center responsible for digestion of the gastrointestinal tract is repeatedly excited by gluttony, it will inevitably cause the suppression of nearby brain intelligent areas such as language, thinking, memory, and imagination.

If these areas are often inhibited, their intelligence will become worse and worse.

Gluttony can hurt the brain due to constipation: children’s snacks are mainly high-nutrition fine foods, which are prone to constipation.

During constipation, metabolites accumulate in the digestive tract for a long time. After the action of intestinal bacteria, a large amount of harmful substances are produced, which are easily absorbed by the intestines and enter the blood circulation. They stimulate the brain, cause chronic poisoning of brain nerve cells, and affect the normal development of the brain.

Gluttony leads to premature brain failure: Scientists have found in a study that a substance that can cause premature brain failure, fibroblast growth factor, increases tens of thousands of times after meals due to food. This is an energy that promotes arteriosclerosisMaterial, so in the long run, greedy certain brains age prematurely.