otherwise,If I really can’t help it,Break him a few ribs,I really can’t explain to the captain。

Facing this punch from Fei Haoliang,Chen Xiu smiled slightly。
He has at least ten ways to break the enemy with one move,but,The purpose of this competition is to prove the actual combat ability of traditional martial arts。
Yuejia Sanshou’s fighting style,Too close to modern free combat,Use it to win,estimate
259 provocative?
Just look it up in Chen Xiu《Tao Te Ching》At the time,Someone knocked on the door of the room,Chen Xiu opened it and saw Jiao Xiasi,But seeing him look very nervous。
“What happened?”
“Fei Haoliang invited the masters of the other two guard ships,To challenge you!”Jiao Xiasi said anxiously。
“What am i supposed to do,See what makes you nervous。It seems that they still haven’t convinced them,Since I am not convinced,Continue to fight until they serve!”
Chen Xiu asked with a relaxed smile:“How many people they called?”
Jiao Xiasi stretched out two fingers。
Chen Xiu said confidently,“This
260 This is real kung fu
“You want to be beautiful!”
Chen Xiu said with a smile:“We are not in the same boat,I don’t see you once in ten days。And after you lose, it’s useful to avoid me。”
“What do you want?”Wu Zhou frowned and asked。
“This way,If you lose,Invite all of us to drink tonight。”