Especially those who have said before the mother,If he married Qin Ya, he lost Xu Ru.,But I married Xu Ru, but I have to give up Qin Ya Ya.,This kind of difficult or more difficult things,He is really hard to choose。

“Little Ya,Then you have a rest early.,Waiting for a while,I have to let you be my housemare.,You can’t do less.。”
Qin Su Ya listened to Li Hui to go,Also a glimpse,She thought that Li Hui, who tonight, I want to have something to have.。
After all, she is already so implied in the day.,After all, she said he said.,Li Hui Rong and Xu Ruyi are all about water to the stream.,Everything is natural。
She also wants to make Li Hui’s own。
A man who can pay life for yourself,A man who can stand on the opposite side for yourself with the whole village,Qin Su Ya feels that Li is completely worthy of her pay.。
It is worthy of her。
“breeze,Don’t go first first,I still have something to tell you.。”
What’s the matter?”
Seeing that Qin Sui Ya is in his own corner and quickly loosen the appearance.,Li Hui Feng felt a funny laugh。
At the same time, I feel that Qin Ya is very cute.,If you don’t know Qin Su Ya is a woman who is married,Li Hui feels that others will think that Qin Su Ya is still a little girl.。
I heard Li Hui Hui.,Qin Su Ya is in a timely manner.。
“I have given you some accounts for you to manage the orchard.,I haven’t talked with you yet.,That notebook is still in the room,Think about your account with you。”
Hesitate for a long time,Qin Su Ya is still embarrassed。
“Oh,I am definitely unconditionally I believe that Xiao Ya Jie is.,Otherwise, how can I give such a major thing to Xiaoya?。”
Looking at Qin Su Ya in close time,In particular, if the hollow is hidden, if Li Hui is more and more, it can’t stay here.。
This is one hundred% to do something。
When you come, no matter who,Both is not responsible for the other party。
“Little Ya,that,I’m going back,Don’t go back,I am afraid that I will crimes.。”
What is your crime??”
Qin Su Ya was also getting a glimpse of Li Hui Rong.,But when I saw Li Hui’s throat,The hot color of that pair of eyes,She all understands everything.。
“Hey-hey,Do not say,I have to go first.。”
Said that Li Hui is directly going directly to the door.。
Just taken a few steps,He heard the fast footsteps behind him.,Then I was tightly hugged by a very soft piety.。
“breeze,do not go,Sister, my sister likes your crime。”
Chapter 349
Feel the soft call behind the beautiful people behind,Li Hui’s body is also a stiffness。
Originally, he is already a flame.,I heard the nearly whispering,How can he be indifferent?。
That has already been long,Mek, such as the eve of the volcano。
“Little Ya,Do you know what I left??”
Li Hui’s turn,Gently put your hands on each other’s shoulders。
“I,I know,But my sister is willing,Both is a sister voluntarily,My sister said,Willing to give you a small。”
The last voice is very small,Even in this silent night is also minimally can’t hear,However, Li Hui Feng is clear and clear.。
The last voice of Qin Su Ya,Just like the fire of the gunpowder。
“Little Ya,I am not worthy of you.,In fact, in fact, I have been with the sister.”Li Hui, I thought about it.,I feel still talking to Qin Su Ya.,Otherwise, his conscience is very good.。
Qin Su Ya also did not expect that Li Hui Feng will recognize these,She originally thought that Li Hui’s wind had always been,But now Li will recognize her face in her face.,Then explain that the other party is really care,I really don’t want to lie to anything.。
“say no more,Sister knows。”