“boom”Another gunshot,Let Kun Lang’s fighting spirit just ignited instantly collapse,Because the screams that followed were from his own subordinates,And this shot doesn’t seem to be hit,The subordinate’s call is exceptionally harsh,This makes Kunlang’s heart sink straight。But then his eyes shot furious and cruel eyes,Correct,Yes,The sound is on the left,And it’s only a hundred meters away,damned,You exposed!

Kun Lang shook his hand gun,The body rushed to the direction he felt,Less than 20 meters away from the target,He noticed abnormal quietness around him,This made him anxious,Quickly stopped his figure,Suddenly became cautious。
Through dense trees,Kun Lang saw his men lying on the ground,Shot in the right chest,Should have been beaten through the lungs,There are no more calls at this time,Just mouth open,The body is lingering。
Kun Lang pupil tightening,I was soaked in cold sweat,He can’t rescue his subordinates,I can only watch the other person die。He suddenly realized that he had made a fatal mistake,Instead of focusing on this dangerous man,It’s better to capture the two fugitives behind the rock,Can both threaten each other,You can also wait for it by relying on the relatively open http://www.afgrd.cn terrain。
Unfortunately there is no if,Kun Lang realized sadly that there were only three people left with him,And the trace of the opponent is still difficult to capture,If another accident happens,I’m afraid it will be difficult to leave this dense forest alive。
From full confidence in the enemy to complete collapse and fear in the heart,Only a few minutes,Kun Lang has no time to care about changes in his mentality,What he has to do now is to find a companion,Quickly exit this terrible zone,Years of fighting experience told him,The current situation is extremely dangerous,Even one step later may die without a burial place。
But Li Tianchou won’t give him this opportunity,He pretends to be like a bunch of yellowed、Nan Tianzhu hiding in a dark corner,Just a few meters away from the seriously wounded soldier,No breath,Like a http://www.scgcsl.cn dead thing。
Kun Lang was completely confused,The mental disorder and suffering caused him to lose his sense of smell and insight.,When Li Tianchou’s muzzle is stretched out,He reacted,Panicked ready to raise a gun and shoot,But it’s just a beat,With the flames from the opponent’s muzzle,Kun Lang fell on his back,The bullet hit his forehead。
Chapter Five Hundred and Two Jungle Monster
When the other two soldiers arrive,Only the bodies of Kun Lang and another comrade were found,And the terrible enemy has long since disappeared。The two of them don’t know what to do in panic,After a conversation,Ran to the outskirts of the jungle like crazy,Even the remains of the chief and his comrades are ignored,They obviously have completely lost confidence in the enemy’s battle。
At this time, Li Tianchou has easily solved the so-called sniper,I knocked him out from behind,This soldier is straightforward,Gunshots keep on in the jungle,He turned a deaf ear,The stubborn one still lie here and stare at the rocks below as ordered,It’s also interesting。
Looking at the prisoner in front of you,Li Tianchou suddenly had an urge to kill them all,The ghost raised the gun,I took a lot of time to calm myself down,The finger holding the trigger slipped up and down,I reluctantly let go。
A breeze blew Li Tianchou sober a lot,He suddenly found,I have unknowingly killed several people in a short period of time,Shocked myself。Recall that in the jungle when facing the prey and pulling the trigger,He has a hint of excitement that is irresistible,This is completely different from the previous mentality in Fukuyama。
What’s going on here?How come you become so bloodthirsty?Li Tianchou in a cold sweat,Sitting limply on the ground gasping for breath,He is afraid of this change of himself,But no specific reason,I just feel that since escaping from that mysterious research institute,My heart becomes harder。
The seemingly such killing and destructive impulse is getting worse,If it wasn’t for character,The evil thoughts just now can’t be controlled。Li Tianchou sat on the ground and adjusted for a long time,Just got over。
Simply dealt with several prisoners who passed out,Li Tianchou took a rifle,A dagger,And seized all the bullets of the soldiers。Keep the gun for your own use,Can’t give that tribute three weapons,This person still looks too complicated,Must be vigilant。But Gong San’s performance is also remarkable,Just a fight,He is not only good at delaying time,And always guard Pan Lao,Without leaving the rock,Courageous。
After simply reshaping Pan Lao,The three dare not delay,Quickly got up and left this place of right and wrong。Gongsan is still leading the way,At this moment, his eyes on Li Tianchou are much more complicated,The opponent dealt with the chaser cleanly,Although he didn’t see it with his own eyes,But the gunfire from time to time illustrates the danger,The other side’s expression is understatement,It shows that its methods are sharp。
The ravine has a big dip,I reached the foot of the mountain in no time,The vegetation suddenly became denser,From weeds to vines,Gradually to the bush,To the tall arbor,Almost obscure the sky。In the eyes of ordinary people,There is no way to go,But Gongsanji hatchet down,Always find the right direction。