Tianjin Dongjiang: solve every "little thing" "" happy "

"Dongjiang highly attaches great importance to each of the ‘small things related to life, travel, residence, and children’s education, etc., through the convenience of business environment, to understand the masses, solve the problem.

"The relevant person in charge of Tianjin Dongjiang Bonded Port Area said.

At the beginning of this year, the Dongjiang Bonded Port District People’s Social Security Bureau launched the "Comprehensive Tabo System" in the Government Administration, breaking the original classification restrictions and strengthens business integration, sets two all-run windows of the integrated service window and social insurance window, and reducing the proceeds Optimize the declaration process, shorten the review time limit, speed up the speed of redemption, and the implementation of the human system business service. At present, the employment registration renewal, retreatment, unemployment is audited, file management and other services can be handled through the integrated service window, and the social insurance business can also be accepted by the same office hall, and the list of matters that can be immediately completed to maximize window staff. Do it immediately.

In April this year, the new energy automobile charging station, the new energy vehicle charging station, which was actively promoted by the Eastern Dishing Port Area, and the Eastern Dishing Port Area.

The charging station is constructed by "Star Charging" Tianjin Company, relying on high intelligent transportation management platform and high-power fast charging system, supporting 20 charging special parking spaces, 4 sets of 120kw double gun fast charge DC pile, 3 180KW double gun fast charge DC piles and 6 7KW exchange slow charging basic equipment, compatible with almost all domestic existing models, faster, safer.

Up to now, Dongjiang has built 4 new energy automobile charging stations, mainly distributed in Dongjiang Second Joint Inspection Area, Dongjiang Bay Scenic Area, Dongjiang Route Mother and Port and Dongjiang Zhongjiao C-valley business center, the owner can pass mobile map software or "E charging" and "Star Charging" APP finds a series of problems such as "charging difficult, charging slow" and "mileage" and "mileage anxiety" in Dongjiang region.

At the beginning of June this year, under the support of the Tianjin University, Dongjiang became the only "real estate and electrical heat linkage" pilot area of ??Binhai New Area, and changed the second-hand housing and electrical and hot transfer procedures and repeatedly submitted the materials. Many of the cycle have gradually realized the "one window acceptance" integrated service upgrade, and the applicant will automatically associate the applicant’s relevant personal information and send public utility sector for the applicant’s personal information. Implement information interoperability, and open the "last km" of convenience services.

At the beginning of this year, under the promotion of the Social Development Bureau of Dongjiang Bonded Port Area, Tianjin Foreign Language University is approved to recruit international students’ qualifications, solve the problem of children’s children’s children’s children. The relevant person in charge of Tianjin Dongjiang Bonded Port Area said that the next step, Dongjiang will continue to adhere to the service concept of "do not find a reason, just to do a good idea" service concept, and fully use the "expert + housekeeper" service system of Dongjiang Continuously enhance innovation and service level, create temperature, speed, strength, more convenient, faster, more and more worry-free, so that the masses feel sincerely feel the sincerity of Dongjiang to serve the people, enjoy Division of Dongjiang Reform.

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