Self-massage toothache articles

Self-massage toothache articles


Prepare for sitting or standing, relax the whole body, double-close the eyes, breathe thoroughly, and rest for 1-2 minutes.


Refer to the 谷 谷 谷 穴: Use your thumb to point the finger, press the opposite side of the valley, and place the other four fingers on the palm.

Appropriate force is used to reduce pressure by 0.

5l minutes.

  Efficacy: Shufeng solution, active analgesia.


Press the middle finger or the index finger to the abdomen, and place it on the same side of the lower point. Press 揉0 as appropriate.

5l minutes.

  Efficacy: Shufeng Qingre, relieve phlegm and relieve pain.


Insert the ankle with both hands and thumb on the abdomen, place it on the same side of the ankle, and use appropriate force to insert 0 from the light.

5l minutes.

  Efficacy: decompression and pain relief, blood circulation and swelling.


Press the fingertips of both hands at the hurricane pool point and place them on the same side of the wind pool. The other four fingers are attached to the top of the head. Press 揉0 with appropriate force.

5l minutes.

  Efficacy: hurricane and cold, refreshing.


Refer to the Shaojiao point with the tip of the thumb, placed on the opposite side of the sea, appropriate force 掐 0.


1 minute.

  Efficacy: phlegm and cold, Tongluo pain.


Press the thumb of the Xiangyangxi Point and put it on the opposite side of the Yangxi Point.

5?l minutes.

  Efficacy: Tongxiu diarrhea, heat and pain.


Toothache points are placed on the contralateral toothache points with the tip of the thumb, and the force is 掐0.

5?1 minute.

  Efficacy: blood circulation and pain relief, Tongluo solution.


揉 Press the cheeks on both sides of the palm of your hand and place them on the chest of the same side. Press 0 as appropriate.

5-l minutes, it is better to have fever on the cheeks.

  Efficacy: Active and dispelling cold, relieve pain and relieve pain.

Push the acupoints with a thumb and abdomen on the opposite side of the line, and push up and down with appropriate force.

5-1 minutes.
  Efficacy: swelling and pain, pass through the active.

  Self-massage can be operated during pain.

When facial massage, the force can be gradually increased to a soreness to the pain, preferably to the side of the massage.

Limb massage can take both acupuncture points.

Oral hygiene should also be noted.

  Tips: Hegu Point: Located outside the midpoint of the second metacarpal, the tiger’s mouth.

  Xiaguan Point: Located at the horizontal finger of the front of the tragus, it is the depression formed by the two arches and the lower jaw.

  Chest car hole: located in front of the two lower jaw corners, a horizontal finger, when the force is biting, the masseter muscle is raised.

  Wind pool hole: located in the lateral depression on both sides of the neck.

  Shaohai Point: The elbow is located at the midpoint of the line connecting the elbow and the fracture line.

  Yangxi Point: The thumb is tilted up and is located in the depression between the short extensor tendon of the knee and the long extensor tendon of the knee.

  Toothache points: located between the 3rd and 4th metacarpals of the palm surface, about 1 horizontal finger from the palm.

  Inter-row points: located between the 1st and 2nd toes of the foot, and the red and white flesh between the back of the toe.