2015year3month24day,Li Ming’s body can move freely,Just a little discomfort。But he is already at home—After accidentally crushing three cups,He is polishing his muscle control。

He can feel,My strength is recovering while my body,It also seems to be improving with an exponential trend。
Before becoming the master of Huajin,His physical strength is about one thousand catties;After stepping into the master,It’s probably more than one thousand six hundred catties,This is very exaggerated。Even those who are born physically strong,A grandmaster with a particularly strong advantage has a power of less than two thousand catties。
And now,His power almost doubled,About three thousand catties。even,He punched the wooden stake directly(Metal)Interrupted!
Just as he was staring at the broken metal stake in front of him,A dog barking came from outside the window。Ordinary dog barking,In today’s Li Ming’s ears, he heard a tyrannical feeling。Shuddered suddenly,Li Ming couldn’t help but have an ominous hunch,They say that after the catastrophe they will kill cats and dogs,What is afraid of。。This stray dog can’t eat human flesh, right。
2015year3month28day,Li Ming feels completely healed,And with the recovery,Is an overall improvement in physical fitness。
now,Li Ming estimated the power of a punch,Not less than 6,000 catties,Doubled in just four days。Of course, the same improvement as your physical fitness is your appetite。He had already eaten up all the food he had hoarded at home,He went to the supermarket to buy。。。Or moved a few boxes of food,Of course left money。
Since the disease is cured,He plans to live with his mother for a while,I don’t have a girlfriend anyway,Although my mother is getting better,But the physical fitness is much worse than myself,Recovery is slow,I have to take care of it myself,This is his only family。
But on the way back,Li Ming found that there are many more pedestrians on the road,Although with his hearing,Can hear the crying within hundreds of meters around—That is hereRRThe sorrow of losing relatives and friends in the plague—But it’s this sadness,It is much happier than the death of human beings。
Can be painful,Can think,Already a blessing。
but,Li Ming quickly broke away from this philosophical thinking。
Because he heard the cry for help。
Tread lightly on the ground,With Li Ming’s current control over strength—-Left two big pits on the ground。But at a body speed far exceeding the current world record,Running to the place for help。
“。。。。The big rat is sperm!”Li Ming stared blankly at the scene before him。
About seven or eight,About one meter long,A huge mouse with red eyes is besieging three people。