World War I,He displayed a blood-red lotus magic weapon,Take this magic weapon,He even uses the technique of clone,Form nine avatars。

Magic Blessing,The strength of each clone can be regarded as the ultimate world peak,With cooperation, easily defeated the 25 world leaders。
That is definitely a great master beyond the level of world gods,Ranked in the top five among countless world gods in the entire wilderness!
Thereafter,He established the Red Lotus Sect,But acting domineering,Also secretly called‘Red Lotus Demon Sect’。
The Red Lotus Sovereign is also called the Red Lotus Demon Lord。
but,How to call outsiders,But the strength of the Red Lotus Sect Master is beyond doubt。
The entire wilderness,Daojun can’t leave,He is almost rampant。
but,Another angle,Relying solely on strength,But it still attracts a lot of dissatisfaction。
Personal rampage,At best, personal enmity。Private enmity,Many are hidden hatreds,Hard to unite。
But established a sect,Conflict with other world forces for sectarian interests,Then there is more scope for enmity。For example, the Red Lotus Sect has seized a chaotic world,There is a contradiction between the two forces。This contradiction,With the expansion of the Red Lotus Sect,He has more and more conflicts with other sects。
This kind of hatred,Public again,Sometimes an opportunity,Will unite his enemies。
then,When the Red Lotus Sovereign rises,Twenty-five great powers of the world have joined forces to kill,But he came back,And died better。
Till now,It’s already over thirty Chaos Era,Although Sect Master Honglian did not step into the realm of Dao Sovereign,But no one knows how strong he is now。
And this time,To deal with him,There are far more than twenty people in the world.。
Eternal world,In the seemingly ordinary mountains,But there are heavy array restrictions,
The Red Lotus Sect’s sphere of influence,Is close to the eternal world of Tianqiong,But the power in the Great Wilderness World is much weaker。
“Sprite World God,You call me。。。Said he was sure to deal with Gulian,But now it’s the two of us?”
“Mystery Sect Master,Shaoan—Homicide,Waited for eighteen chaos era,It’s not bad these days, right。”